Printed this on my upsized Cobblebot:

Printed this on my upsized Cobblebot:

Scaled up to 750mm x 250mm x 200mm
Sunlu Gold PLA
0.4mm Nozzle
0.32mm layer height vase mode
Took about 40 hours to print

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Nice print, that looks awesome!

@Fen11 Thanks. First large print after upsizing

I need a knee replacement, can it print me new one?

@Thomas_Penderel probably - if you want one in plastic.

First time i see an actual print from the cobblebot, yet it looks nice for a cobblebot

@Dushyant_Ahuja The surgeon told me that the replacement knee is made of plastic (and steel).

@lightshadown It’s no longer a cobblebot, the number changes I’ve made is crazy.

@Dushyant_Ahuja I was one of the early backers for the Cobblebot kickstarter, but i decided to back off due to many inconsistencys and problems i saw from it, the last thing i knew was that the original cobblebot printed so bad, that people use to said " At least its not cobblebot bad"
thats why im impress you printed such a fine model, anyway thats a great print and keep hacking that printer, good job.



Wow, that looks great. I just bought and rebuilt an original cobblebot and hoping to start making things once all the bugs are worked out. I’d also thought about up-sizing it in the future. Nice to see it’s possible. I replace the original ramp board with an azteeg XT 32 bit so that should expand it’s abilities.