Printed this at .2mm with a 10% infill.

Printed this at .2mm with a 10% infill. How do you suggest I get rid of these holes without increasing infill? I’ve found some luck in increasing the top layer count but what do you think?

Upgrade to the newer Slic3r. 0.9.7 had some issues where it wouldn’t add additional perimeters when doing overhangs like this. The way to solve it is the proper amount of additional perimeters.

And the new slic3r won’t interfere with Repetier-Host? I just don’t wanna downgrade later.

If you’re worried about it, you can just manually increase the amount of perimeters generated.

Thanks, appreciate it!

Yeah, more perimeters. Also, you might be able to get away with a general slightly faster run of the plastic. Lie to it about the filament diameter or something if you can’t do otherwise :slight_smile:

This was printed at 120 mm/m (with 40 mm/m exterior shell), so it was pretty fast. I also should adjust this a bit more as this glow-in-the-dark is giving me trouble. Exaggerating the filament diameter started thinning out my infill. Lowering temps helped a lot, my premium afinia runs at 250 but this GOTD blu seems to do better at 245 since it oozes more.

What did understating the filament diameter do for you?

I believe that would just increase the filament output, I’m tuning my retraction right now to reduce oozing.

Slice a model with lots of infill then combine the one with little infill and the one with lots. Eg open little infill search G1 Z50.000 delete to end of file, open lot of infill, search, copy to end of file, past to end of first file. Print.

Interesting technique @Tom_Oyvind_Hogstad !