Printed the T-Rex skull from Thingiverse.  KISSlicer generated support came off so perfectly.

(ThantiK) #1

Printed the T-Rex skull from Thingiverse. KISSlicer generated support came off so perfectly. One of my best prints to date. I’ve never been so impressed with PLA-on-PLA support.

(Kevin Conner) #2

Well now I wa;a try kiss again!

(ThantiK) #3

@Kevin_Conner , I know the picture of the top part of the skull doesn’t show very well, but the whole cavity was filled with support material because we were doing such a large layer height. I pushed it out with a flathead screwdriver with ease. Normally support structure (for me) ends up with me stabbing myself under the fingernails with PLA barbs…

(Brandon Satterfield) #4

Looks great!

(Mike DiMare) #5

Is this Kisslicer v1.1.0? Do you know what’s going on with development with them? Any forums?

(Tim Rastall) #6

@Mike_DiMare unless things have changed recently. Kisslicer is dead from a development perspective, the developer has dropped off the radar and the source is closed.  Edit. Scratch that, Lonestock is back!

(Liam Jackson) #7

@Tim_Rastall I thought he was back now and slowly working on the next version. Lots ctivity from him in the Google group (e.g 3rd May)!topic/kisslicer-refugee-camp/avvwS8Tk5Yk

(Tim Rastall) #8

@Liam_Jackson awesome! I’d stopped checking after months of no news :slight_smile:

(Matej Rozman) #9

@Tim_Rastall kisslicer is in full developement back again with new betas comming out with multiple extrusion features, Id reckon you should give this a try with your Igentis featuring Kraken :wink:

(Tim Rastall) #10

@Matej_Rozman Yeah, I read the refugees forum. I’ll get around to trying the multimaterial stuff at some point. Currently testing another E3d thing though so the Kraken is on the bench until I get a new bot built.

(Liam Jackson) #11

What setting did you have this on? Options like ‘Coarse’ and ‘Ultra’ was always a little confusing to me, I just wanna know which one will be easiest to remove!

(ThantiK) #12

Coarse support. I also increased the horizontal gap to 0.8mm. As the part gets closer to needing support material, it’ll make it more dense to support the exterior of the part.

What you’re selecting is the density of support material. “Ultra” is Ultra-dense. Coarse is not very dense at all.