Printed a whole set of new XY ends for another .

Printed a whole set of new XY ends for another #Eustathios . Need to get a higher quality webcam :frowning:


I don’t even use those extra little blocks myself. I use the 3-ziptie method. Using those 2 little blocks puts strain on the plastic, which is likely to warp and/or break in the sun or under tension. If you tension the belt against itself, and then merely use the attachment to drive the block, the block will last longer.

If its a Logitech c270 you can pop off the cover and adjust the focal ring for close up focus. There is a good writeup on this if you Google for it.

@Eclsnowman Thanks for the tip. I can’t figure out why logitech glues the focus ring in place which is adjusted for such a long focal length by default. Much clearer videos are on their way!

@ThantiK Could you expand on this “3 ziptie method”?

Toothed belt: Loop one end back on itself so that the teeth interlock. Put a ziptie around it to lock the teeth in place. Do the same thing on the other end of the belt. Take the two loops that you’ve made on each end of the belt, and put a ziptie around both loops and tighten. Benefit is that you’re tightening the belt around itself, you have a convenient place to just yank on to tighten it more, and no screws or weird contraptions to have to add.

Ooh - I like that :slight_smile:

Cheers mate!