Printed a few more parts for the Ingentis tonight.  Z axis parts.

Printed a few more parts for the Ingentis tonight. Z axis parts.

Wicked color!

Those are very pretty prints

Violet ABS from JUSTPLA.


Lol abs from those who call themselves justpla

Yeah I noticed that :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sad to say that I was an idiot…printed in PLA, left the ingentis in my car, and melted my corners. I’m waiting on new 6900zz bearings, because I crushed the shields on one of my bearings trying to get it out of the melted PLA…

Still haven’t figured out my Z. :[

:frowning: that makes me sad. I was supposed to vid today but havent my mendel 90i3 x idler broke had to epoxy trying to put it together now and print another. I have the Ul-T-Slot almost broken down now so I can add my new extrusions and rebuild it on camera for a video build guide,

Shit @ThantiK - That’s the worst! Left my printer in the garage when we had a heat-wave and the same thing happened to it :frowning:

I hate fucking PLA, but I don’t have a running printer at the moment to print in ABS. Dealing with what I have at the moment. :frowning:

Lol- I feel your pain! My hbp died and ALL I wanna do right now is work on some Ingentis parts but I’m NOT doing it in PLA!

Considering machining half of it in aluminum actually :slight_smile:

@D_Rob @ThantiK If you need some parts let me know what you need and I will get them to you so you can print again.

i just used epoxy to fix the part long enough to print some extras

These parts look a bit different than what I’ve been fixing to print. Are these part of a repo that I’ve missed?

They are from the V4 .stp file on the Youmagine Ingentis page.

Ah, I see it now. It’s in the z-stage and I was thinking it was a variant of the xy bearing mounts. thx