Printed a copy of the cemetery statue from Thingiverse at printed using a 0.10 mm

Printed a copy of the cemetery statue from Thingiverse at printed using a 0.10 mm nozzle on a Printrbot PLUS. And yes, you can balance a matchstick on it’s end with the help of some tape.

This is just amazing. What features can you see in the face?

Close up of the facial detail. Lost a lot to the acetone vapor bath unfortunately.

That looks great, what material and layer thickness was it printed with?

ABS, 0.08 mm layer thickness, 0.10 mm custom nozzle, about 2 and half hours to print, finished with a few seconds in acetone steam for surface finish.

Very nice! Great detail for something that small. What was the scaling factor of the original STL ~35%?


@Michael_Audette 35% is correct!