Preparation for CNC milling V2: The good:

Preparation for CNC milling V2:

The good: The three operations for the PCB were done real quick. Even the tabs were easy to define. :slight_smile:

Thank you @Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty , Jorge Robles, Jim Fong and Todd Fleming

The bad: Vacation starts tomorrow. So no chance to turn on the mill and do a test cut. :wink:

Unless I’ve missed postings from others, I believe you’re the first to use LW4’s cam to mill a PCB!

@Todd_Fleming Which milling operation do you sugest for drilling the 0.8mm holes?

Oops. I forgot that PCBs have tiny holes. The existing ops would break drills. If you have a mill bit < 0.8mm, and the holes are separate from the trace objects, then cut inside might work. It’s risky though, a mill that small probably won’t survive plunging through.

@Todd_Fleming How about scaling down the hole dia to 0.1mm and then use a mill operation for drilling the 0.8mm hole. I think the drill can handle that.
Or you add a specific drill operation. :wink:

@enhydra I’m curious to hear if the 0.1mm idea works!

@Todd_Fleming I’ll report that back after my holidays. :slight_smile:

Well, my router still uses a .9 grbl board so I used lw4 to generate the gcode but other crappy software to actually do the cutting.

For the holes I used cut inside with the holes being a .5 diameter with my .5 bit…
This didn’t work… What it seems to do is pick a point around the circumference and drills down from there so all my holes were off, all of them in different places.

Wasn’t sure if it was a miss step issue or not, so ran the cut three times. Once on wood and another twice on the copper clad board. All of the holes are in the same place on all three cuts.