powerful RAMPS coming soon! http://arduino.cc/en/ArduinoCertified/IntelGalileo

powerful RAMPS coming soon!

Does that have enough I/O for RAMPS? It looks a little short on pins.

I wonder how much will this thing cost. And will it run Linux?

Hack-A-Day has a write up on it, and I think I saw one on Ars Technica too. Cost was compared to RasPi, and one of them mentioned that it appears to be running a Linux distro for embedded systems.

x86-compabatible CPU makes Galileo board a real RPi’s competitor.

Never mind this, have you seen the TRE (also announced today)? Gobs of pins. ARM SoC with a full (8 bit) AVR on the board for controlling I/O. I suspect this is the part that runs the Arduino sketches, and the ARM runs higher level stuff, including Linux, Arduino IDE, etc.

@Rick_Zehr Smoothie drivers are only 1/16 microstep, unless I’ve misread their blurb.

@Tim_Rastall you’re right
Allegro A4982 Bipolar Stepper Drivers

up to 24V 2A 16x microstepping, digital current control

Whoa, Arduino is also releasing a more powerful arm/avr board.

hmmm, Tre is a collaboration with beagleboard :slight_smile:

There are also RAMPS-like boards appearing for the Arduino Due layout (3.3v setups, so can be used on say the Udoo or DigiSpark, not just the Due) as well. We’re about to have quite an explosion of different types of electronics.

I bought the CMUCam to play with some CV stuff. These could provide some serious horse power for some more advance processing. Glad I procrastinated :wink:

@Chet_Wyatt I’m quickly realizing not to buy parts until absolutely needed as prices drop and features grow so quickly. I’m gonna transfer my crappy sang board to my eventual new printer until the think catches fire, out I’m actually ready to add upgrades. Then I’ll probably be able to get a freaking 8 axis 64bit supercomputer on a chip for 50 bucks.