Power supply? making 'electric noise' and caused my home's circuit breaker to stop

(Manon Joliton) #1

Hi, I’ve changed my PSU in february. Since then, I’ve sometimes heard some noises coming from -i think- the PSU. Those noises sound like some big electricity static ‘CRAK’ and are sometimes paired with a flash. It occures randomly so I never managed to understand where it comes from but it scared me a little ^^’
As it does not occures often (I cut at 20% power most of the time and it mainly occures at at least 30-35%) I didn’t pay that much attention to this but this morning, after a big ‘crac’, my home’s circuit breaker ‘blocked’ -causing everything in my house to turn off-
It’s definitly not normal and I would like some help to end this problem.
Thank you in advance,
It’s my first post via the forum so I hope I posted it well.
Waiting for your suggestions.

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #2

WOW! I have seen arcs but none that shut down the house.
What kind of machine?
Can you post a picture of your laser power supply (LPS) from the connector side.
Do you know where the noise and flash comes from?
Please post picture of the connection to your tubes anode and the HV connection coming out of the LPS.

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(Michael K Johnson) #3

If the main breaker tripped and the branch breaker didn’t, you have another problem that doesn’t involve your K40… :frowning: