Power question:  Lets say I have a straight 15' strip.

(Randal B) #1

Power question: Lets say I have a straight 15’ strip. I want to run power to both ends since it’s a far stretch. If I ran a pair of power wires beside the LED strip to the other end, would it cause interference to the strip? Thinking a shielded wire for the long run would help prevent this perhaps.

(Dave Morgan) #2

Since this is DC power, there should be no interference.

(Adam Sharp) #3

You will probably need to inject power down the strip every meter (3ft) or so, as well as both ends. This is to prevent voltage drop and over-heating effects damaging the string. Data won’t have a problem.

(Zeke Koch) #4

hmm, in my experience power in both ends is totally fine. What I do is hook up power to the beginning and make everything white. If the end if too pink add power to the end. If the middle is pink then you might need power in the middle. I’ve never hit that case.

(Larry) #5

I make hoops and run the power wires right behind the leds with no problems as far as interference.

(Randal B) #6

Great feedback guys. Thanks!

(Adam bluebottleyellowboxyellyfish) #7

Depending on chipset ws2811 or 2812b download the datasheet and you should be able to workout power needs and if everything else fails , use or convert an old psu from a computer , it’s helped me out of trouble many times :slight_smile: ps. and yes you could inject power at every 1m intervals with a wallwart 5v 5a if your leds become unstable or dimmed.

(Randal B) #8

i bought some 20A 5V power supplies and they worked great. I didnt have to use any extra wiring for power so this was never an issue.

(Adam bluebottleyellowboxyellyfish) #9

Yup I figured out it was all in the current(amps) :slight_smile: after a while i might add…