Power Pack

Power pack green light weak and flickering, No reading from 24v terminal.
Any suggestions as to what the likely cause is and how to repair.

This is an open arena. No clue as to what or who’s for a… power pack.

Most of these are the ORU (optimum replaceable unit) and are not designed for user serviceability.

Even if you understand the electronics in a switching power supply and have the equipment to get at it or scope it, I’d have to say good luck

Not to mention, many of these are potted and you can’t get to the components.


Thanks. It is new power pack for me. :pensive:

I was having the same problem. After a while, the laser seemed to loose power. What I did was install a PC power supply. It works so good that items that needed 7 passes to cut, can now be done in 5. Worth looking into. Especially if you have an old PC laying around.

Thanks for the feedback. I have sorted my problem by using a older
power packI had around.
Using an old pc power pack is an interesting concept.