POV with APA102 diameter:1m LEDs:144 Thanks FASTLED Thanks Teensy

POV with APA102
Thanks Teensy

A number of people have asked about this kind of project and yours looks great. Any tips or lessons learned?

Thanks,No I do this project before with ws2812 and have many time to do it but I can’t, next time try with APA102 and Aduino mega, Netx time Due and at last teensy help me to do this project!
I prepare a software to code picture with c#. and copy data to a microSD and teensy read data line and send it to LEDs and sync in a round with a hal sensor.
If any one interested to do this project I can share PCB ,Teensy code and Software.

Please do share!
I have a project that’s been waiting for me for so long. POV is something I’ve been interested in for several years. Ever since I learned about SpaceWriter and iBall.

@alireza_abdiyan yes please, do share. I’m also interested how you did the wiring.

Does the video recording cut out the display into pies, or is this a complete circle image? Can moving images be used to make a ‘large television’ ? This looks to be good enough to do with a string or two of lights circling vs. hundreds in rows and columns.

Hi, thanks all.
Source link:

Windows Defender reports a virus on that link !
can you use Pastebin?

@Giligain_I Yes, Image is complete in circle, my camera(mobile) can’t save image completely! To make a large television require a high speed micro and led chip to refresh data in a round.In this project data send to LEDs in 200 lines.In half round a screen showed by leds.

Pixel width in edge:
314/200lines=1.57 cm
To have smaller pixel in edge must increase lines but it limited to micro speed and led chip speed and microSD speed!!
In large television radius is large and can’t have a good image!!

Pastebin limited to 150000 byte!
Try this link plz:

Very cool! I expect to be experimenting with this soon.
Thank you!

@alireza_abdiyan hmm, also this link was found to be harmful.
Can you put something on Github?

@Juergen_Bruegl OK,

Is any source for the file converter available?

@Jon_Bruno Yes, It’s with c#. I will upload on Github. Can you download project?!

I use visual studio. I should be able to get it together.