Potential kickstarter for a remote direct drive multiple in one out extruder?

So…if I did a kickstarter for a design project for a remote direct drive extruder with multiple filament selection and it was able to screw in like a quick fit connector does and runs off of just 3 more wires, would folk back it? Design file rewards for $5-10. It should be somewhat light too. The end goal being to get it fully built and tested and turned open source by a year after completion. I think it would look great on a big delta but could probably do fine on a tiny one.

Sometimes things go so fast, I love it. - #35 by Jason_Perkes has a fair amount of discussion about the Flex3Drive but I have to wonder. Was Flex3Drive before 2011? I only see mention of it from 2013 on. Before that, I see remote extruder with flexible drive shaft by goaran - Thingiverse from 2011.

Heh. It seems someone did beat Jason Perkes to the punch, unless that is him. If it was him, he changed his license later. I am not sure if you can do that.

Flexidrive is Flex3Drive Early Birds says he was interested in 3D printing for 2 years and the post was on May 17, 2014. It seems it would have had to have been after the previously Creative Commons licensed idea.

The general idea is that license basically means permission. The I-am-not-a-lawyer understanding I have is that you can change the license terms under which you distribute it, but for someone who previously received it, the terms that apply to them are the terms under which they received it in the first place. We’ve seen that happen often in the software realm, anyway.

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Well, considering the information in the 2nd part of that post, I do not think it is the same person. I think a guy on Thingiverse beat him to the punch. If you can beat someone to the punch in the patent realm, you should be able to beat them to the punch in the Creative Commons realm. Besides, what if Flex3drive’s owner actually saw the guy’s rough design on Thingiverse and intentionally or unintentionally (subconsciously) copied it?

I do not think Flex3drive or Zesty should be selling them without the original author’s permission. I am sure they could get him to allow them by greasing his palm or maybe even just asking. At any rate, I do not think Zesty should be having to pay Flex3drive for anything else than the specialized cable and then only if they want to use it as opposed to some other cable.

I decide I will go with the name LilPushy Extruder. I am awaiting my debit card for the new checking account so that I can submit my project to Kickstarter for approval. The diameter of the extruder before a motor is added to it is slightly smaller than a nickle. I did some printing and testing of my merging sections and will be trying to finish it off tomorrow.

I do not feel ready to launch, but here is my Kickstarter for a remote filament pusher. It uses a twisting cable like the Zesty Nimble or the Flex3Drive but so does a rotary tool like a drill or hand grinder. Meanwhile, I will be selecting one of 6 filament and pushing them out. LilPushy Extruder by Nathaniel Stenzel — Kickstarter

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