Pneumatic Tube Transport

Sorry if this is the wrong category I couldn’t find a suitable one and didn’t want to end up in oblivion…!

I’m wanting to make a pneumatic transport system, and wondered if anyone had any thoughts on whether this would make a good blower/vacuum? I’d be wanting to electronically switch between blowing and vacuuming (somehow) and have one at each end, such that the sending station is blowing and the receiving station is vacuuming.

if there are people here who have experience with this kind of build I’d LOVE to hear from you because bizarrely I’m not finding any communities on the English web for this particular field…


Thanks all

Might be some useful insight at

It won’t change the direction of airflow to run it backwards, which means that it hardly matters that the AC motor doesn’t change direction of rotation when you hook up the wires in the opposite orientation… :wink:

Talk more about what you want to transport. It will matter for whether something like what you propose can be made to work.

  • What shape object? Cylindrical container or something else?
  • Inside diameter of pipe / outside diameter of object?
  • Length of transport system?
  • Weight of object
  • Horizontal-only transport or do you need vertical lift as well?
  • What experience do you have already with electronics?

Have you ever seen a vacuum cannon? They work astonishingly well. I’m not sure it’s quite the right thing, as it’s unidirectional. But the one I built lasted through a couple of dozen shots so far with no damage to the flapper mechanism.