Please use Google login once

(Michael K Johnson) #1

If you have a Google login, please use Google authentication at least once, even if you already set up password login. You will then own all the posts and comments you made on Google+ when we import the old Google+ posts.

We are setting up additional authorization providers (GitHub is there already), but if you are coming from Google+, we would appreciate it if you can use Google authentication at least once.


If you have already created a makerforums account using a different email address from your google address:

  • Log in with your existing makerforums account
  • Click on your profile picture (top right)
  • Click on the Preferences Icon (gear icon at far upper right in the pop-down)
  • Scroll down to “Associated Accounts”
  • Click “Connect” on the Google line
  • Now do the Google login stuff
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(Ned Hill) #2

Thanks Michael, I just logged out and logged back in with Google and it worked just fine.

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(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #6

So does this mean that I now have two accounts on here?

(Ned Hill) #7

Possibly if you used a different email to register initially then your gmail email? Otherwise just one account.

(Michael K Johnson) #8

@cprezzi figured out associating the accounts and provided instructions on G+ where I asked, and I’ll add the instructions here.

(Michael K Johnson) #9

Yes. It’s up to you whether you want to associate the accounts to merge them together, honestly. If you want, you can have two separate accounts, and the google account will have the credit for your old posts once they are imported, and your new account will have credit for the new posts. Alternatively, you can follow @cprezzi’s instructions to associate the users, and PM me if it doesn’t work so I can look into it.

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I was late to the R7 community and could not join the Google+ group. I was wondering if you still have access to the files Mark Leino posted on his 1500 x 1500 R7?



1500 x 1500 R7 request for files
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thanks for the hard work migrating google+ :tada: