Please log into using your google account! Do this at least once,

(Michael K Johnson) #1

Please log into using your google account!

Do this at least once, even if you have already created a separate account there, before we import the Google+ posts from this community into the forum. By doing that, you should automatically own your posts and comments from Google+ in the forum, once we import them. This will make it possible for you to edit them and give you your own proper control over them.

If you have Google+, all you have to do is:

  • Click on
  • Click on “Log In” at the top right
  • Click on with Google
  • Click on your Google account on the Google login screen that comes up

No extra passwords necessary, no account setup; it just works.

You can still set up passwords if you want to, and you can log in other ways, but logging in with Google once will help us give you ownership of your imported content.

If you have already created a makerforums account with a different email address, you can associate the email addresses to merge your makerforums account and your google account:

  • Log in with your existing makerforums account
  • Click on your profile picture (top right)
  • Click on the Preferences Icon (gear icon at far upper right in the pop-down)
  • Scroll down to “Associated Accounts”
  • Click “Connect” on the Google line
  • Now do the Google login stuff

When you are finished, you can see the associated email address on the preferences page.



(Mark Leino) #2

Wow it’s really that easy? Doesn’t this have Google account security risks?

(Michael K Johnson) #3

@Mark_Leino This doesn’t let makerforums log into your google account. This is a way for google to assert to makerforums that it has validated that you are who you say you are. It provides the makerforums site a few pieces of information, like your name, email, and (crucially for the import) the unique integer ID that is used to identify your posts in Google+ (and that is not private information). The login screen shows what information is being provided. It’s set up to provide the minimum information that Google will provide with authentication.

There’s a way to ask for even more information, using additional “scopes”, and you’ll see that for some applications that integrate more tightly with Google. That’s not something makerforums is asking.

If you’d like more technical information, you can read about the OAuth2 standard and/or read