Please help me make the cohesion 3d work - I will pay

So, I got the c3d a few days ago, installed it but I don’t get grayscale or pwm.

Everything works but it’s a bit noisy compared to the stock contfoller, it’s also less powerful ( i can’t cut 3mm acrylic with 3 passes) and engraving photos or grayscale is just impoosible on acrylic ( haven’t tried anything else).

I did a test with lightburn with a gradient file and it just didn’t do anything.

I don’t know if it’s the board and I will pay for help if we make it work.

Hi and welcome to the forum. Can you give us some more info, like what kind of laser you have?

Thank you! Yes, I have a 60x40 like this one New Model SL-460 50W Laser Cutter Engraver Machine for Glass, Arylic,Wood,Leather,Plastic

Just to make sure you know about the resources available to you… You are welcome to ask questions about a Cohesion3D product here, but if you would like to receive direct help from Cohesion3D, you can post in their forum and their support team will be happy to assist you.

Thank you Michael but I’ve tried that route and haven’t received a reply as of now.

Have you set the power on the control panel to the maximum your tube can handle?

If you do that, then 100% power in LightBurn should fire the laser at that power.

I have set the power up on the control panel and the laser fires on the middle - higher side. I am not saying Lightburn doesn’t control the laser or the board doesn’t work. What I am saying is that PWM doesn’t work and grayscale doesn’t work

You also said that you can’t cut 3mm acrylic with 3 passes.

Have you set $30 to 1000?

Have you tried changing laser_module_pwm_period from 200 to 400?

I have changed the pwm to 400.

With 200 or 400, the cut isn’t done un 3 passes, not even in 4. I have used 50mm with ~70% on the main controller and 50% power in lightburn… it didn’t cut

Which Cohesion 3d controller do you have? The new LaserBoard or something else?
Which firmware and version do you have on the controller. Shoothieware, Grbl, something else?

Hi Cprezzi, I have the Laserboard and I’m using it with the Smoothie firmware