Please everybody thumbs up the comment of mine about 3d scanner.

Please everybody thumbs up the comment of mine about 3d scanner. in this video by leapmotion

Wow, I didn’t realize that the Leap sensor was anything more than vaporware. I agree with your comment on the video, and I think that this sensor/camera would be very nice for people who want to “mold” the 3D objects that they are designing. A digital clay of sorts.

If you google reconstructme leapmotion even the people from reconstructme also saying that they want to implement leapmotion into there software. The system is very similar to what pro 3d scanner use. Leapmotions magic is in its software. I think they have shown some of point cloud data. It may require multiple angles and pass for object to scan but I think it’s possible.

Please thumbs up that comment so we an get leapmotion guys attention.

I should see if I can still get my hands on a dev kit. I had applied a while back, but that was before I got into 3D printing and before I had any idea what I would do with a dev kit if I got it.

I thumbs-up’ed the comment. You’re right, it’d be great to get the Leapmotion people’s attention on this.

This is cool, good to see interfaces are joining in the snowball effect of 3D printing

Thank you everyone who gave a like to comment. i hope they will have out attention and we will see a 3d scanning demo soon.