Please check this out and be a follower of my XDisPlace ( )

Please check this out and be a follower of my XDisPlace ( Collection.

Originally shared by Frank Herrmann

Hello Friends, now i’ll start the season for XDisPlace. Yesterday i got an Idea and want to share this with you. A modular system for the PCB/Tray Holders. Here a fast design of this System, it’s a kind of lego :slight_smile:

The Idea behind, i can design a lot of small modules and makes my System extrem flexible. Ok, in this first design you see just a tray, but in the next days i’ll design all the other modules:

  • 5x8mm smd tape holder
  • PCB Holder with different sizes (100x80, 80x50, etc.pp)
  • Tray’s with big and small pockets and mixed
  • Nozzle holder for PNP Header

You can put every module on this base plate, i want to use to fix the module position this iron bolts:

They are made for needle bearings and have an extreme good quality :slight_smile:

The lego pieces are a nice idea. BTW, I keep thinking magnets would be a nice way to hold down stuff too where there aren’t massive axial forces involved like what you have in PNP.

I’m a little bit worry about magnets in my system, on my last test’s i discovered that a lot smd components are magnetic sensitive.