Playing with  is fun. This was on ~3mm leather.

Playing with #LaserWeb3 is fun. This was on ~3mm leather. Spot size 0.5, 10mA @ 500 white 200 black. I think the spot size could have been smaller for this piece & decreased the power a bit. Again it’s backwards from the original image… Pretty happy with the final result, aside from backwards. Would look nice with some colour added. Might have a go at that with the airbrush later sometime.


Thanks +Peter van der Walt. I will have to have a thorough look through the config & machine to determine what is going on with the endstop. I have seen what looks to be an optical endstop on the Y-rail at the top of machine (i.e. closest to the tube). Not sure if there is one on the X-rail anywhere (could be hidden somewhere).

+Peter van der Walt Righto, I’ll check that out later when I get back to the laser. Taking a rest for now. Been playing around since 5am (12 hours) & have to do some real work lol.