Playing around with an idea I had...

Playing around with an idea I had… A sample of generating a harmonic graph (harmonics 3, 5, 7 of 2Hz) using a program I’m working on. Just 25 lines to generate several thousand lines of Gcode!

Shouldn’t take that many lines of gcode unless you are ignoring G2/G3 and strictly running g1 code

Did you write it as a Javascript macro in ChiliPeppr? Or some other code base?

Looks nice! Can u post the code?

Oh, yeah @Alex_Krause I’m not smart enough to use G2/G3. It’s sticking to G1 for now, which I think you’ll find many CAM processors do anyway. It’s much easier. @jlauer I wrote it in Python, it’s the scripting language I’m most comfortable in. @Frank_Herrmann Let me clean it up first, I’ll make a gist with the basics. I should be releasing something with this soon, I just want to test that it works okay first. Right now it’s barely suitable for a laser cutter, where I tested it a few days ago.