Playing around in ChiliPeppr tonight.

Playing around in ChiliPeppr tonight. Might have to abandon GRBL Controller! :smiley:

Is there a way to highlight the completed tool paths in the 3D viewer?

Thanks @jlauer , and everyone who has contributed to ChiliPeppr!

I really hope I goes mainstream for printers too. It really is slick.

You do realize that there is a GRBL Workspase as well as tinyG, yes?


I was in the GRBL workspace. :smiley:

Maybe today I’l get the first actual cuts in (instead of just cutting air).

And I have to agree @Eclsnowman , creating a marlin/repetier space would be fantastic.

Hi Matt, that feature is inches away. A couple weeks ago the “onExecuted” event was published for TinyG which means you know the exact line number being executed at any moment (it’s rare to know in CNC-land the exact line being executed). You could now just tell the 3D viewer to set opacity for any line not executed to say 0.2 (20%) and every line that has been executed to 1.0 (100%).

For Grbl, which I see you’re using, you won’t get the modern-day features like onExecuted, but you will get onCompleted, which means you’ll at least know where the CNC controller is at within say 10 to 20 lines of gcode.

If you look at how the checkmarks are updated in the Gcode widget, the 3D viewer would just update on it’s own using the same onCompleted/onExecuted technique.

If you’re up for it, you could do this via a macro and/or fork the 3D viewer widget and sort of steal the callback events from the Gcode widget and shove them into the 3D viewer.