Plasticity 3D recently announced

Uses the same CAD kernel as SolidWorks, Siemens NX, and a number of other tools.

Described as “CAD for artists” and seems to be a competitor to Moment of Inspiration and Shapr3D.

Perpetual licensing ($99 and $299), but locked to specific computers (up to 8 transfers w/o contacting support)

The application itself is opensource under the LGPL:


I don’t completely understand the “LGPL but please don’t redistribute the binary” thing here. If you don’t like the freedoms of the LGPL, why didn’t he just use a different, presumably non-free, license?

Is he using LGPL code from others in his app?

The Parasolid CAD Kernel is a commercial product, so the software is sold on the main website — apparently the $99 just barely covers the license and various fees.

So “the binary” is about the CAD kernel itself? OK.

So LGPL is also so that people could play with other kernels, I suppose?

Yes, that was my first thought, but that would be a very tough row to hoe.

I’d love to see the Fornjot folks come up with something which could be plugged-in at the back end.

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Or maybe Manifold since it always makes manifold geometry, but I have zero idea what that would take. I note that it uses SDFs and that implicitcad being based on SDFs was supposed to make fillets and chamfers easy. But I have no idea how the Parasolid kernel works.

Manifold just seems to me like the most interesting recent development in CAD kernels. :slightly_smiling_face: