Placa M3

Hello. What is the difference between the Nano M2 board and the M3 board?
What did you add to the M3?

Nobody here created the M2 or M3 Nano boards. But they are pretty much the same or at least they use the same software to run them.

This has been covered in a different thread


I wonder if it’s worth changing the M2 for the M3 board? Or will I not notice the difference between them?

I have a M3, there is no benefit yet. @Tatarize is trying to figure out a way to use the power control of the M3 in the topic I referenced above, but resources are limited, so I would at least wait until there is some progress there.

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The bracket in the upper left next to the USB is a hardware pause. You could totally rig that to have a button and push said button and pause the engraving on the fly. So you’d notice that difference. There’s reportedly some PWM power modulation but that’s been a tougher cookie to crack.

However, there is another model called M3 Plus which also exists which replaces the regular steppers which are A4988s with TMC steppers these generally are better in a lot of ways, much quieter and have some really nice features. I ordered an M3 Plus that was reasonably priced from China but it never actually arrived. I think reportedly cloud ray has some of them. But, the if you’re buying a new or replacement board (which isn’t terrible to have on hand) the M3 Plus might be the way to go. Paiin (another Meerk40t dev) previously hacked one of his boards to take a TMC steppers and generally really liked his frankenboard.