PLA vs ABS First of all, congrats Daniel...the Trugyy design is awesome.

First of all, congrats Daniel…the Trugyy design is awesome. I would like this to be one of my first projects with a 3D printer, but I have some questions. I am thinking of purchasing the MakerBot 5th generation, but it seems that it only prints with PLA and doesn’t support ABS. Can this project be done with the 5th Gen or should I purchase a Gen2 Makerbot that supports PLA.


I tried to print the differential gears with PLA, but with a bit more RPM it melted together so at least gears should be made in ABS.
I think someone already asked which is better and the definitive answer was ABS

It was me who asked most-recently I think. We’ve got a Makerbot Z18 which is PLA only which was why I asked. Somebody here mentioned sourcing the gears in metal which is the option I’m going to take I think.

Thanks @Dave_Scott and welcome to the community!
If you want to print a Truggy, you can probably print everything in PLA and use as a cool demo project it will be fine. But if you want put a motor in it and actually drive it your gonna need more than PLA. If your into Makerbot I can recommend a 2X, it’s what I’ve got but there are plenty of other competent printers out there.