PLA-F — PLA/ABS composite

Definitely a first-looks level of investigation. But it seems interesting.


Unfortunately it does not have the heat resistance of ABS.

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If you haven’t already, look up “annealing” (not really annealing, but people seem to think that every heat treatment is annealing and call them that) PLA and the impact on heat resistance.

Basically, my read is that this is similar to PLA+/PLAPro but with ABS as an additive — probably a small amount of ABS since he didn’t notice any styrene smell. The additive I think serves to interrupt the crystalline structure of PLA and make it less brittle. The wide temperature range for PLA-F is interesting. Other than that, seems very much like PLA+ to me.

I print with PETG when I want easy printing with some good high temperature handling or toughness; I like the feel of PLA for toys and puzzles.