PLA / ABS pellets ?

PLA / ABS pellets ? Do you know were to buy PLA or ABS pellets in europe / france ? Quantity would be between 10 and 50 kg. I’ve just support the filastruder project on kickstarter and would receive mine on june but i need pellets to play with…

thanks for your answer, i dont want to buy from china or india or US to be consistent with ecology and material transport.

Why don’t you recycle some plastic you already have?

Has anyone come up with a good way of recycling plastic? I’m presuming you’d chip up printed material and screen it, although I dunno what mesh size you’d want, and from what I’ve read, if you want to still have consistent flow characteristics you want to mix in at least some new material.

I think you’d really need a two step process to recycle things, one step to pelletize and then another to turn that into filament. Unless you came up with a way to reliably shred plastic to be recycled into consistently sized pieces or the process isn’t as vulnerable to input variations as I think it is.

Yes you re right, i modified the post because “recycle” was not a good term, i want to find pla or abs pellets in europe to decrease transport impact on ecology. In a first time i want to buy pellets to ensure a good filament quality, in a second step it would be cool to recycle home plastic but it s not my first goal.