PLA, 90mm/s, 240C, .8mm outer shell, .15mm layer height,

PLA, 90mm/s, 240C, .8mm outer shell, .15mm layer height, 70C bed temp, - not happy about the thingiverse link :slight_smile:

Originally shared by Jason Smith (Birds Of Paradise FPV)

So far so good. This is a long print…11hrs. Hopefully it won’t be too “stuck” together when it’s done.

I have trouble cooling pla for gear prints like this at those speeds … Always ends up fused.

Great job.

Bit of a silly design though no?

Unless you have a spider driving the planets, the internal bearings don’t do anything do they?

Yup didn’t look, prefer not to give thingiverse traffic.

That’s a slick design though. Makes me want to drive both inputs on it and build a hybrid ~something~.

You could always use Cura to split the design up so the parts have more spacing during printing. A trick I was told by the good folk here only days ago…