Pixels in ice 25 WS2811 pixel nodes frozen into a block of ice-- and

Pixels in ice
25 WS2811 pixel nodes frozen into a block of ice-- and working fine!

Music: Agua Fria (Cold Water), by Ottmar Liebert

Interesting (and nice looking!). What prompted you to try this?

I live in Boston.

We have a couple of feet of snow on the ground, another foot or foot and a half coming this weekend, and the low tonight will be four degrees below zero. Fahrenheit.

So “frozen stuff” is pretty much ubiquitous right now, and I decided to go with it.

Also, these pixels are rated IP68 (ok to put in the fishtank). I’ve had 200 of them outside on a tree (and working fine) since mid-December, through rain and hail and sleet and snow. I decided to see just how water and weatherproof they were. Answer: pretty waterproof! Of course all it takes is for one to get water IN it, and you’re all done. But ice isn’t all that wet, and the LEDs don’t put off a ton of heat, so it kinda works.

I may throw some pixels out on the front snowyard before the next storm hits, and use the natural snow accumulations as a diffuser. If I do, I’ll share photos.

guess they survived the ice pressure too, noice!

Well, the top was open, so it expanded mostly up. But yeah, there’s more than one atmosphere of pressure there.

You should be hanging blinking icicles then!

Very cool. :slight_smile: I like the guitar, know what track that is?

The music is Ottmar Liebert’s Agua Fria (Cold Water), from the best of Ottmar Liebert. I like his stuff; also like Jesse Cook in a related groove (‘Nuevo Flamenco’).

Really nice effect! Needs just some 3D mapping… :wink: Could also work with cast resin for a more permanent installation.

I used to work at a facility that could mix upto 3500Kg of clear epoxy in one go. We set some flashing fairy lights in a 2 gallon bucket (long before LED strips) with some left over mix, and then grit blasted it. It worked really well.

interesting !