Pinda mount for Zanes light weight carriage

I decided to install a PINDA2 (no thermistor used) inductive probe to my Eustathios Spider V2. Since I didn’t feel like re-doing my entire carriage I built it to utilize the existing BLtouch Mount. No support is required to print. Additionally I added a Ultistik spring steel bed to my print and love it. I was spoiled by the MK3S at work and felt like a caveman with plain PEI.
I am still trying to refine the touch routine, but have had much great success than with my old BLtouch.

Pinda Mount_Zanes Lightweight Carriage.stl (1.7 MB)

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Looks great, one question why did you go with pinda over the BL touch? I only ask because I’ve had really good luck with my BL touch on the printers I put it on.

Only because I have a very old version of the BLtouch, and something is obviously wrong with it, or it doesn’t work with smoothie. You can find a pinda2 for 10 bucks. BLtouch is ~$35. So realistically it’s cost, combined with simplicity because inductive probes don’t have any moving parts. I was also worried that if I purchased a new BLtouch, I would have the same issues I had with my existing BLtouch.