PI Zeros its is available now from Pimoroni ...

PI Zeros its is available now from Pimoroni … tick tack :slight_smile:

Would this run SPJS well? Thx

Yes. Really well. Too bad this online shop isn’t really meant for U.S. customers. Adafruit never seems to have these.

Ordered. Even though shipping to the US was more than the board itself

Yeah, I just ordered too since I’ve never seen it in stock anywhere else ever in history.

To germany was same price for delivery as the zero, i got this morning the news (8h ago) and they have zeros in stock. I guess now the production works and maybe they are in us in few days at adafruit?! Mabe somebody call the adafruit support & ask them?

Money will be best invested in https://www.pine64.com/

@Jose_Silva no - no no no. Pine64 is garbage. I would know; I own the 2gb one. Production of the boards is nothing more than the A64 dev kit boards being reproduced with a little wifi breakout. Development is practically non-existant on it and it suffers from a lot of hardware issues. Binary blobs are everywhere with the chip maker only supporting Android, meaning running an actual linux kernel on it without jumping through a million hoops is close to impossible.

None of the hardware acceleration works, 64 bit isn’t a worthwhile thing until after 4gb of ram anyways (makes binaries, memory usage higher). Stay away from the Pine64.

I’m running Ubintu flaw less

It’s a least 400 times better than pi zero

@Jose_Silva that’s a completely unsubstantiated claim. That’s fine though - anyone with half a brain in their head is free to check the wiki and forums for the Pine64 and see the truth though.

I guess You are talking about yourself, the ones that have a brain can extract the full potential of the amazing Pine 64

@Jose_Silva , that’s why longsleep wasn’t even able to get the Pine64 to run stable on Arch, right? And why he dropped the builds?

Stop being a fucking fanboi. The Pine64 is plagued just like most other A-series chips. Full of binary blobs, lack of support, problematic drivers, etc. Also, how do you like that built-in back door that allows anyone to gain root access to your machine? http://arstechnica.com/security/2016/05/chinese-arm-vendor-left-developer-backdoor-in-kernel-for-android-pi-devices/

Yes, the Pine64 was plagued by this too; and is still vulnerable if you use the BSP kernel.

Did you own the board ? I own and i’m pretty happy

@Jose_Silva , yes - I own the board. I still own it. It’s been relegated to a drawer because the advertised 4k accelerated video isn’t possible with the current drivers. Hardware acceleration is a complete wash. It doesn’t even benchmark that well against the Pi 3.

And you plan to that 4k video on pi Zero ?

No, but the hardware acceleration doesn’t work for 1080p on the Pine64 either under Linux. So I’m gonna use the properly hardware accelerated Pi 3 for 1080p video playback at the very least so I don’t get screen tearing.

I don’t care about that, I don’t even use the video, I use the Pine to be a powerful IOT server not to play games

IOT. Server. IOT users might want the board to be a little bit smaller than a half sheet of paper. The Pine64 is the worst IOT board you could possibly choose because of the amount of power required to run it.

You don’t know what you are talking about, Pi zero have no power to do anything even orange is better that this trash, does not have MIPS or even ethernet