Photo engraving with compound lens

(Nigel Conroy) #1

Been trying out some photo engraving, just on cardstock and some cheap plywood.

You might recognise the horse image.

Small engraving on plywood

Mdf and cardstock

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #2

Lookin good.
When you post this kind of content please let users know your settings :slight_smile:

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(Ron Reuter) #3

can one tell me about compound lens,


(Ned Hill) #4

@Janbo A compound lens setup uses 2 or more lenses, with 2 lenses being the typical case. Using 2 lenses enables you to get a smaller spot size compare to a single lens which is beneficial for photo engraving. Russ from Saber Multimedia has a bit of a discussion on this.

@Nigel_Conroy1 how did you implement your compound setup?

(Nigel Conroy) #5

I installed the acrylic head designed by Russ on my machine and was therefore able to purchase the compound lens kit and use it.
Focal length around 11.5mm from head

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(Ned Hill) #6

Can you post a link to where you purchased the kit?

(Nigel Conroy) #7

$50 for the kit and it includes the 2 lens

Settings are still being finalised…
Speed is either 2-300mm and power is usually around 12-16%

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(Ron Reuter) #8

Like the idea of the compound lens setup. Just wondering if will work with a stock K40? Using whisperer and inkscape for software.

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #9

I looked at it briefly and came away unconvinced there is enough depth and the entire head design needs changing. Still interested in a head with replaceable optics.

(Nigel Conroy) #10

The compound head would fit in my stock assembly, think it’s the same as k40.
You would need an adjustable bed so you can set the focal distance to approx 10.5-11.5mm

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #11

Can you post a picture of your head?

(Nigel Conroy) #12

(Nigel Conroy) #13

There it is with compound nozzle on it. I can take any dimensions you want to check from it.

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #14

Ya that head is a lot larger than that of a K40…