PETG? I cant get it to print well, what are your tips? Bondtech,

PETG? I cant get it to print well, what are your tips?

Bondtech, E3D V6

60mm/s print speed

tried both 40 and 60mm/s retract. 60mm/s worked best.

I will say that PETG stringing is highly moisture dependant. Dry it out in cheap food dehydrator like this:

And then run the identical gcode. You will be surprised by the difference. At first I thought petg was fairly moisture agnostic… But after seeing the difference dry filament makes, My opinion has been converted.

Also for PETG @Zane_Baird mentioned to me a while back, you want fast acceleration on retraction, but not necessarily fast speed. Maybe he can chime in on the settings that works best for him. He is a PETG Jedi Master :slight_smile:

@Stefano_Pagani to add to what @Eclsnowman mentioned, I generally use a retraction acceleration of 3000-3500 for PETg with the bondtech extruders (both Mini and V2). With these values I can get retraction distances as low as 5mm (@ 50mm/s) for PETg prints on my Herculien which has a bowden length of almost 1m

@Zane_Baird thank you! I will try, you are using firmware retract then right?

@Stefano_Pagani Negative on the firmware retract. I just set independent acceleration for the extruder motor and don’t use “wipe while retracting”. Since there is no other movement during the retraction the extruder motor accel is not limited by any other accel values

Thanks for the help! Turns out my extruder was stalling on un-retract. Beefed it up to a 70mm :slight_smile: