Perhaps invites should be made?

Perhaps invites should be made?

Working on it, erroring out. :confused:

I got Josef and Whosa posted as owners. Community effort, I’m not guiding this so much as just planting the seed. :slight_smile:

sounds like a good plan!

Invite accepted, so that bit seems to work.

Apparently you can’t invite more than so many people at a time. Good thing, prevents spam, but I have a huge reprap circle of like 70+ people that I’m having to do 10 at a time.

Invited the friends circle.

woot! momentum!

invited a few reprappers

Looks like it’s generally sharable under the “Actions” option. Hopefully that pulls in some more folks independent of invite limits.

i’m going through my circle… wondering about multiple invites to the same people… sharable might better after a certain amount?

Shared to my 3D printing circle as well. Lets see what interesting projects pour out of this. Should help to clean up our normal walls too.

I have tried inviting my reprap circle but I get error 500#

If you want to invite people, use the URL to the communities page: - and post it public, or to your 3D printing circle - it bypasses the error if you’re trying to share to a large number of people.