People have spoken of 'The Music of the Spheres' for centuries,

People have spoken of ‘The Music of the Spheres’ for centuries, but it has taken the rise of homebrew 3D printing to bring about The Music of the Circles.

What’s the most musical thing you’ve printed?

A cube… Hahaha

not related, well, kind of…

There’s a video of the makibox printing a circle and a square next to each other. Sounds exactly like bagpipes.

(un?)fortunately, my printer is almost completely silent except for a little bearing noise at high speeds, so it’s not very musical.

I’ve had my machine going in circles a lot lately. They weren’t coming out round, so I’ve been printing a lot of them as I tweak things. I made a design in OpenScad of 2 25mm circles each with a 12mm hole in the middle, 4mm high. They’re identical, except one was rendered with 360 segments per circle and the other with 20, or 30. (Whatever the default is)
I was surprised to find that I could actually hear the difference between the two circles as the job is printing.