Pencil holder inspiration from Jonathan Rochelle ​. It's a smiley.

Pencil holder inspiration from @Jonathan_Rochelle ​.
It’s a smiley.

Gj. Looks like you are over extruding?

Yeah that top layer definitely looks a little over extruded.

Thanks guys, the slicer used was CraftWare 1.08 beta Release date (2014.12.28); this is the older version.
Extrusion width: 0.28mm
Extruder speed ratio: 100.

Sand paper

do you have a 0.28mm nozzle? If not extrusion width should be set to 0.4mm

My CraftBot’s nozzle is 0.4mm
Reason why I used ew 0.28 is based on (ew/layer ht.) Ratio of 1.4, based on what I read in Slic3r.

Hmm I’m pretty sure that’s for max layer height. i.e. max LH for a 0,4mm nozzle is about 0.3-0.32mm. for a 0.5mm nozzle should be 0.4mm. EW should definitely be set to 0.4mm unless you’re experimenting to see what happens.

That means EW setting is independent of layer height?

My layer ht. was 0.2mm, EW 0.28mm. Nozzle dia. 0.4mm.

Glad to see my pencil holder inspired you! and I love any post which generates “what went wrong and how can i fix it” comments from the 3dp forces…