PCB Solder Mask Laser burn-off Hello John, Hello Community,

PCB Solder Mask Laser burn-off

Hello John,
Hello Community,

i got impressed the time you posted things around your Cayenn devices.
Now i see the “Burn the SolderMask off your Pads” feature in the Eagle PCB Widget. And i would like to give it a shot. I’ve built myself a small “boxed” Mill for my private Maker Room. Now i would like to attach a diode Laser to the CnC.

What type of Laser do I need? I think diode Laser is best?
What PowerLevel is advised? I found 2.5w, or is it too much?
Is a TTL controlled Laser best Idea? or did you build your laser power Controller yourself?

What is the long term experience with your setup?

I found this LAser on Aliexpress:

What do you think about it?

I’ve tried this and in fact the solder mask tab in chilipeppr let’s you do this now. The problem is that it leaves a thick hard layer of oxide on the pads and flux can’t get through it so you end up having to scratch it off. What I’d like to try is the inverse which is let a uv laser cure the inverse and then wipe off the pads or dissolve the uncured in baking soda or acetone.

Have you Seen when they use spring loaded toolheads? I Wonder if this would Not scratch the Cooper too much? Problem is i couldn’t See if it was a v-carve head or a classic flat endmill they used…

I think i saw IT at Adafruit?

Yeah, I like the spring loaded tool heads and want to try them, but not sure those are available for sale anywhere? Have you seen them for sale? I can’t find them on Adafruit.

Oh sorry, Not Adafruit… Here at about 3:25min

Yeah, I saw that video a few months ago and fell in love with it. The current solder mask path in ChiliPeppr would give you the path to do that if you could find the spring loaded end mill. I’d love one myself!