PCB Actuator Circle

Ordered the Actuator PCB Circle from JLC, using the zip file on GitHub.

JLC responded back that they could not produce the board because of 1/2 holes outside of board.

Looks like they are referring to (3) 1/2 holes at the ws2812 ?

Is there new file out there or can anyone suggest the correct fix? I have eagle so I suppose I should be able to revise board.

Thank you!

That is weird, i got mine from them. I did use a modified version of the file, but all that did was change the resistors to a larger 0603, and put almost everything smt on onside to make them easier to assemble on a hotplate. The half size holes for the led were not changed, and came out fine.

I would try reuploading and resubmitting, with a bit of luck someone else will review it and it will go through.

These are my files if you want to try those.

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Yeah, they made mine without a problem either. I did design it to have those holes end up castellated. Maybe they’re getting stricter with not letting you do that. It could be redesigned with square pads there, you just end up with a bit less surface area to solder to for that ws2812 at a right angle.

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Thank you both for the response. I will take another look and try it again.

Thank you!

Figured it out, I did not have castellated holes checked yes on JLC.

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Hey guys. Just ordering mine now. My first lot got knocked back also. They said

"Check the audit failed reason:

Hi,the space between the order and edge rail is too narrow,and it needs to be 5.0mm at least.So we cannot make it.Could you please check and fix ?Thanks!"

I am trying the option on now having the castellated holes. Where it says Qty next to Castellated what did you select to make it go through successfully.

Edit. Just tried to resubmit it without castellated holes. When I had no castellated holes selected it was $2. When I selected castellated it went up to $60. Ohh the fun of being in Australia. I might try learn EasyEDA and see if I can make it pads instead of holes just in case it gets knocked back again.

We just ordered a batch of these and left castleated holes unchecked. Jlcpcb sent back asking if we wanted castleated holes. We responded “no, just run them as is” and they came back fine. There is some extra processing and an extra charge for castlelated holes that we didn’t think was necessary.

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Also ordered 20 pcb at JLCPCB and got the question, I responded that it doesn’t need to be castellated and got the pcb with no poblem.

This is the first time I ordered pcb’s and wow! 20 pcb for 10 dollar and I got them in 7 days!!!

Here is a picture of the 3, not castellated, hole’s:

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