Paul Frederick This may have been the place I saw the fix.

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@Paul_Frederick This may have been the place I saw the fix.

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I am not sure I am following what they are trying to say. I cannot say as I can agree with what I think they’re trying to say either. Bypass the optocoupler? Not a good idea. Perhaps they mean something different than I am thinking they do? You can see in my circuit that I use a 7414 with the optocoupler too. I use it to square up the waveform coming out of the opto. Optos have really slow rise times. A Schmitt inverter will square it up nicely. While I can’t follow along with exactly what they’re saying I think I agree with the sentiment in regards to how import TB6560 drives handle current adjustment. But how they think they’re fixing it isn’t going to fix things. The only way to fix that is to run the right sense resistors for the output current you want then set the driver IC at 100% output. That will get you max performance.

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@Paul_Frederick I don’t know much about it

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@George_Allen I did once. That was a long time ago now so I don’t remember all of it.