Pattery/array the gcode from eagle import?

Is there a way to pattern the gcode chilipeppr creates from eagle files? If I did the cam in fusion I could set it up to repeat X amount of times in either axis. Like a square pattern. But since I got the gcode from chilipeppr I am at a loss. Maybe there are some gcode software that lets me do this? The reason I want this is probing and tool changes takes a long time. My board is small, and I can fit 6 on a blank. I want to set it up so that I can cut all the traces for all 6 boards, then change to drill and drill all 6 boards etc. That way I could get away with probing and changing tools just once for all 6 boards.

Using grbl if that matters. :slight_smile:

Can you create the pattern in Eagle and then drag/drop into ChiliPeppr? Eagle lets you gang up a PCB design.

Yes maybe that is the way to go. I don’t know how, but I should be able to find that info.
I am actually making it in Fusion 360, with the new electronics design space. But It looks like Eagle to me (from my limited experience). I think most Eagle tutorials will apply more or less for the Fusion electronics too. I had no luck using the files Fusion created in Chilipeppr. But luckily there is an option to export as eagle brd, and that works flawlessly with chilipeppr.

I love the function to inflate traces and pads by the way Jlauer! It’s much more intuitive and simple then trying to get it right for milling directly in Fusion/Eagle (for me at least, Im no pcb wizard). Thanks :slight_smile:

That inflate feature took a while to create, so glad to hear you like it. I didn’t know Fusion had PCB design workspace in it now. Interesting. I’m going to go check that out.