Parts keep showing up! The new aluminum bed (3.18mm) as well as all the

Parts keep showing up!

The new aluminum bed (3.18mm) as well as all the Y axis goodies came in! I’ve taken a few pics of what we have.

The big bed fits well on the machine, I’ve got a bunch of hardened stainless steel rod from Alexandria Precision here (awesome packaging btw, they make sure it stays straight), IN’s pillowblock bearings from for the Y axis, LM10UUs for the X/Z axis, the Keling servomotor to drive the Y and the AMT encoder and GeckoDrive G320x to control it. I’ve also got my TrinityLabs MetalMagma nozzle on there with a little printed groovemount clamp attached. I ordered a set of nozzle parts (cartridge heater, thermistor, wiring) from ebay, and have those too.

Today I ordered the Rumba board, Pololus, a hobbed nut, and the belting and pulleys for driving the axis are on the way. Hopefully I’ll have this thing together by next month!

While that servomotor looks absolutely huge compared to the dinky steppers on the Sells Mendel, it actual seems to fit comfortably in with the size here…

… That is a huge stepper… How much did that run you.

@Jeremy_G_WeisTek_Eng that’s no stepper. It’s a servo motor. And >$100

That’s what I meant, damn. Why not a nema 23? Still not big enough or am I missing something about servos?

Servos are closed loop. Nearly impossible to get them to skip. Could you imagine losing a print this big?

Ya I get mad if I loose a big print on a 200x200mm bed… I couldn’t imagine loosing a print on something that big. So forgive the question, can a ramps be used to control a servo of that size… (Dumb question I guess it could huh…)

Ramps can’t natively, because you have to be able to read the quadrature encoder very quickly. There’s another >$120 gecko drive that handles it. The gecko drive basically acts as its own individual controller and can run the motor and if the motor gets stuck, etc - can even over-current the motor in order to force it to stay in the correct position.

That is going to be a beast of I a machine