Particle System for use with FastLED.

(Gottfried Mayer) #1

Particle System for use with FastLED.
I finally got around to publish my changes to the arduino-particle-sys (original code by Gilad Dayagi).
The library now supports arbitrary matrix sizes up to 255x255 Pixels and different horizontal and vertical resolutions (see notes in readme).
I changed some of the examples and added one with multiple particle systems on one matrix. There are videos for all of the examples linked in the readme.
Check it out:

(Gottfried Mayer) #2

…how can I add multiple videos to one post?

(Jon Burroughs) #3

Awesome, can’t wait to test this out! Edit the original post with YouTube links to the additional videos.

(cRaSh Yourexpensivecar) #4

Really awesome ! N1 keep up the good work

(Philippe Charest) #5

Great work! I personnaly modified the source code to use mostly lib8 functions to reduce code size and increase speed.

(Marc Miller) #6

Great work Gottfried!

(Adam bluebottleyellowboxyellyfish) #7

Brilliant work

(Tom Morrow) #8

Looks good. I don’t suppose there is a particle library that would work with a linear array of about 750 LEDs?

(Stefan Petrick) #9

I think it´s worth a try to run the 2d code on an 1d setup. Like define a 10x75 or 28x28 matrix and just test how it looks in a line.

(Jason Coon) #10

Looks fantastic, thanks for sharing! I just merged your changes back into my fork, and converted them to work for anyone with a SmartMatrix:

(Kyle Halvorson) #11

So i think i have this doing what I want it to, but i need some assistance. instead of having the

Particle_Attractor source(g.center_x, g.center_y);

in “PainterFastLED” stay in the same spot, could someone help me figure out how to adapt it to move with the X Y values from an accelerometer? so that the “pixel” that the particles are attracted to moves?

(Gustavo K) #12

anyone has at least the basic doc , for this library, how each parameter relates to whole ?, just trying to limit the guessing as it seams the library is very sensitive to parameter values, so is not easy to develop an effect while you don’t know what to change …, im working in one dimension strip