Part 2 of my CNC build showing the ballscrews and linear slides.

(Robert Ritchie) #1

Part 2 of my CNC build showing the ballscrews and linear slides.

(Henrik Larsen) #2

Hi mate :slight_smile:

I looked at your very nicly built machine. Good job there. I’m Building one myself right now…

What catched my eye, was your vertical plate on the back of the gantry, I think you said the “X axis”. That plate seems rather flimsy (long and thin) for the job it’s been designed to do. It is pulling the Z axis to the sides. If the tool is heavily loaded, it will give, is my guess. But, I could be wrong as the video is a bit unclear.

On a machine with those steppers, the Tool may easily be experiencing a pressure of maybe 100 Pounds or 50 Kilos, against the stock.

You could try to strap the z axis to the side of the gantry with a transport strap, and slowly put a load that plate, to see if it holds up.

Anyway, its a very nice machine, it will serve you for many years to come.

(Robert Ritchie) #3

@Henrik_Larsen Thank you my friend for looking. Look again and you will see the Z axis plate is 10 mm thick. The thin plate you may be referring to could be the X axis drive plate that is 50 mm wide and 3 mm thick and is quite securely mounted. If need be I can change that for some Titanium plate that I have here. Good luck with your machine and I look forward to some videos from you.

(Mat Helm) #4

I do like the threaded rod’s adjustment potential…