Parallel processing in 3D Printing

Hi all,

I really wonder why ‘Parallel processing in 3D Printing’ has not taken any mainstream activity? looks very promising.

Project Escher made by Autodesk partnering with Titan Robotics. It looks very promising. ‘a method for simultaneously 3D printing different parts of an object with multiple printheads’

I tried to connect with Titan Robotics. But no response from them.

Anyone involved in this project? We are interested to move forward on this project/

Likely do just to the complexity of slicing and path work for doing multiple parts of a model at once. Plus the complexities of the mechanical systems of multiple moving components. The firmware would have to be able to handle it, as well as the chances of mechanical resonance of multiple parts moving in tandem. forthe majority of the hobbyists out there they aren’t printing things big enough that multiple heads sees a huge benefit. That being said I’m totally interested, but the likelihood of me ever needing such a device would be low.


Now-a-days lot of big printers are coming mainstream having buildvolume of 1mx1mx1m. With FDM, that takes a huge time. For Automotive parts, this will be a good add-on.

So, I feel this parallel processing would be helpful.

Already Titan Robotics showed some videos also. But why they didnt move forward is a question.

If you run pulleys to do a core-XY or an H-bot, that could be a mess quick. If you have two rails that hold the rails for the X,Y movement and the extruder, you have at least two motors (bowden setup) and their momentum to deal with which means slower print speed. You have to coordinate the movement of all hotends so they do not run into each other and you have seems to deal with. I can see how that would all be a rather tricky bit of research.

The addition of new filament properties like filament that expands to a specific size when heated to a specific temperature makes for some interesting possibilities like reducing infill by making the filament expand. The ability to add multiple nozzles to the same heater block so you can use different colors or nozzle sizes to the same block does too.

Here is hoping the person is healthy and well. This pandemic with its loss of health, life, jobs, homes, etc is a pain. I just hope the person is well.