Parallel Output with Teensy 3.1 HELLO FASTLED!,

(Matt Richard) #1

Parallel Output with Teensy 3.1


Thanks for making the most awesome library/community ever for lovers of light. You all inspire me and a few have enabled me to charge toward many passions in my life. I actually met my wife while installing an LED installation :slight_smile:

Ok to business, I am interested in using parallel output to drive 6 strands of ws2811/ws2812 strips. My big questions:

  1. Can I use parallel output if the strips are of varying lengths? I have 2 strips of each of the following lengths: 83, 106, and 124 pixel count.

  2. All animations will be programmed on the teensy 3.1 and not like the octoWS2811 library was designed to have the teensy 3.1 as a dumb led buffer. Will I be able to use parallel output of I plan to do animation code as well?

I am also working towards a last minute playa build. I am creating a new sign for the YUM cart. The “YUM” on either side of the raised sign attached to the cart will now light up! Please stop by either when at camp or out in deep playa. The YUM cart offers you the experience to taste anything! Interested in what tasting the memory of your first kiss was like…perhaps not, how about the orange of a sunset, or a dragonfly landing on a pine cone, these have all been asked of me to create.

Matt Richard

(Zeke Koch) #2

no problem. You just use the longest strip as the length.

(Matt Richard) #3

@Zeke_Koch Thanks for the quick answer. I will wire up the pins as laid out in the example sketch and if need be can always go about addressing the usual way.