Panzer IV 3d Print

(Ryan Griffin) #1

Panzer IV 3d Print

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(Christopher Gaul) #3

@Greg_Copeland you tagging me because of my print angle post?
This does seem to apply.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #4

I wish Cura could make supports like this. It seems like these would be a lot easier to remove off of large prints like this.

(Greg Copeland) #5

Was hoping OP might have answers for you.

(Ulrich Baer) #6

@Kevin_Danger_Powers you can activate “Tree support” in Cura - it is an Experimental Setting and will increase slicing time.

(Ryan Griffin) #7

Hello Everyone. The print file I created for the form 2 and their slicer. I have still to try and make a 3d print sample however I am pretty excited to try.

(Christopher Gaul) #8

@Kevin_Danger_Powers you should be able to get something similar out of Cura. Enable “Tree supports” and work the tree supports settings until you get something similar.

(Christopher Gaul) #9

@Ryan_Griffin I’m interested to read about (and better yet see) your results when you do print this. Though now that I know you have a Form 2, I do know why you’re printing at these odd angles. The same reason I’ve been wondering about printing like this. To overcome build volume limitations.
Unfortunately you’re going to have a different set of challenges and results with an SLA printer vs my FDM printer. But I’m still interested in the results.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #10

@Christopher_Gaul I guess I’ll give it a shot. Maybe I can make the diameter smaller or something, who knows. There are so many damn settings it’s hard to keep them all straight. Lol

(Christopher Gaul) #11

Looks like this…

(Tomáš Vít) #12

Desktop FDM/FFF and SLA worlds are of totally different print orientation and supports type requirements. Tree supports are not the greatest thing on FDM as they are quite fragile, especially during dual material #3Dprinting. On the other hand, model orientation of SLA printing is more about minimal layer surface of each layer than volume restrictions. (I use Form 2 and several FDM/FFF printers on daily basis. There is a huge undiscovered area of models combining those two methods, btw. :wink:)

PS: On Form 2 I suggest to apply supports to less detailed/important sides of each part. (Mainly bottom of the tank, not the upper side. Inner side of side part, not the most visible one etc.)