Paint or no paint....

Paint or no paint…

As I started this project to have something to show of what my printer can do I’m wondering if I shall paint to body or just leave it “clear”.
With paint it looks so much nicer but with a clear body most printed components are visible…

You should print the casing too

Do the window and feature outlines, and leave it at that. Maybe add part of a design in a colour but leave the ‘background’ clear. Just my thoughts anyway! :slight_smile:

Do a pattern of both. So you can see the inside directly I some of the most interesting parts, and the bland portions, have a color scheme for. Or just paint the front half of the truck and then have the middle half like the graphic got ripped of it was going so fast and then the back half clear…?

@Jason_Ray it’s all or nothing I guess, I’m no painter so patterns or out of the question… :wink:

Aaaand it’s no longer transparent… =)

@Daniel_Noree let’s see.