OX CNC Skip on X motion

(Awesome Coder) #1

Alright, I am stuck. While cutting a circle near the bottom of the pocket I get a skip and my alignment is off afterword’s. What doesn’t make sense is that it has already cut down 1.2" perfectly. I skips roughly the same place every time. There is no wood to cut where the skip occurs, it was cut away after the first skip. I have looked through the gcode with notepad and camotics and didn’t find anything unusual.

  • Material soft pine
  • 6mm x 25mm end mill
  • Cambam
  • bCNC gCode sender
  • Started rough cut @ 10"/min @9000RPM and was working until 1.2" deep
  • changed to 5"/min 12000RPM -

Could not find how to post a video here. SMW3D FB

(Michael K Johnson) #2

You should be able to just upload a .mp4 file up to 40MB in size, just like posting an image file. If bigger than that, host on youtube or vimeo and put the link to the video on a line by itself, and it should “magically” be embedded in your post.

(Awesome Coder) #3

ok, I found the upload button…