Over Quota? Does this happen often? Can't cut anything.

The drag/drop in ChiliPeppr never actually sends your file to the cloud. It just opens it locally inside the browser. So there’s no way hackers could ever get to it because it never leaves your network. If I added a file upload button it would be identical to the drag/drop except that you’d have a pretty button that pops open an Open dialog. I think the drag/drop is easier and prettier, but having a redundant open method is reasonable.

I never thought it did send the file anywhere, but I figure an HTML input form or a javascript file open function is used and that it is there that has the 5MB limit and other weirdness. I could be totally misunderstanding things though.

The file upload button will have the exact same limit, as that limit is not from anything other than localStorage(). If files are kept locally, you are subject to localStorage() in the browser which limits each URL to 5MB. If you do a remote cloud file upload, there’s no limit rather it’s the cloud provider whose hard drive you’re using.

There is no direct open feature, right? It has to “upload” it to local storage to read it? That is the anti-hacker safeguard.

No, a file upload or a drag drop does let you directly open the file. The safeguard is that you are only allowed to read that file once.

It is an annoying safeguard to work around.