Over Quota? Does this happen often? Can't cut anything.

Over Quota? Does this happen often? Can’t cut anything.

Clear recent files. It is in the drop down menu for the G-Code display section.

Scrap that answer. This is a different problem at the server. I see it also. I guess one of the issues with cloud based software is that you can’t control the environment as well.

man, that’s a bummer. Glad i don’t have to cut anything tonight.

I need to, I got orders to fill. This really sucks I hope this isn’t a reoccurring event.

Was going to cut some parts tonight. Chilipeppr has been down for a while now. Sure hope it gets resolved soon.

Sorry, looking at it right now. The usage of ChiliPeppr is growing so apparently we surpassed one of the free quota limits today. They reset every night at midnight pacific time. Makes sense it was surpassed later in the day. Looking at how to increase right now.

Ok. Increased the daily quota limit. Should be fine now. ChiliPeppr has now officially become popular enough that Google App Engine is now charging. It’s kind of cool it has surpassed the free level.

Thanks very much John. Chilipeppr is fantastic.

Cool, but not so much from your point of view! What is it costing now?

Well, they only add it up at the end. Yesterday ended at $http://0.84.so about $26/mo. Weekends are busier than weekdays tho.

I figured it would be up again after midnight and it was, I’ve been cutting parts all morning. :slight_smile: Thank you very much for increasing the quota.

Hey, if you need to do something to fund it and try to do advertisements, please try to avoid javascript and video. Pictures only for ads, please. Facebook and other sites keep locking up my laptop with bad javascript running rampant and trying to play videos while sending my information to unknown places/people. I suspect half are infiltrated by hackers.

I will never do ads. That sounds awful. This is open source. No funding is needed. The tiny bit of money it takes to host is the price of 4 lattes a month. No biggie.

@jlauer Can we use it without being online and therefore not imposing a cost on you? I guess you could add a donate button.

It’s getting closer and closer to impossible to use it not online. The 5MB limit that the browser imposes on localStorage is only solved by using cloud storage, so I may move to that soon and thus when folks drag/drop they are actually storing online. I hate how often folks get the popup dialog asking them to clear their file cache. I am in the process of moving macro storage to online cloud storage for everyone today so we can have macros that run automatically upon startup of ChiliPeppr.

I miss the OLD file upload in html input dialogues.

You mean as opposed to the drag/drop technique I use? I could put a file upload button in there as well just as a redundant way to do it.

You’re the man John! Keep up the great work!!

@jlauer ​ oops. Sorry. I was not clear. I meant the file upload in html itself. You see, I believe it actually uploaded a file directly and let you specify a path before the hackers got to it. The behavior of the file upload in an HTML form changed as a result. I wish it was not so hard to send a file.